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Patient Portal

“MyChart and Healow portals are used in our office. Contact us for access to these applications and chart access”

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Our Services

“Include participation in most insurance companies and private plans”

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Welcome To Dayton Cardiology Consultants

Whether you are looking for a diagnosis, treatment or management of your heart condition, our physicians are dedicated to improving your health. We are committed to providing excellent care and compassion to the members of our community and their referring physicians.

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Dayton Cardiology and Vascular Consultants


A cardiologist specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of the cardiovascular system. The cardiologist will carry out tests,

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Nuclear Cardiology

Nuclear cardiology studies use noninvasive techniques to assess myocardial blood flow,

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Vascular Medicine

Vascular disease is any abnormal condition of the blood vessels (arteries and veins). The body uses blood vessels to circulate blood through itself.

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Coronary Angiogram/Intervention

A coronary angiogram is a procedure that uses X-ray imaging to see your heart’s blood vessels.

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An echocardiogram is a test that uses ultrasound to show how your heart muscle and valves are working.

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Electrophysiology/Ablation/Cardiac Device Implantation

When the heart experiences a cardiac rhythm disturbance, an electrophysiology study (ESP) can be done to locate the source of the irregularity.

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About Me

Mujtaba A. Khan, MD

Specializes in Cardiology and Electrophysiology. He has extensive experience and is board certified in Cardiology, Electrophysiology, Nuclear Cardiology, Cardiac device implantation and Internal Medicine. Dr Khan is affiliated with Miami Valley Hospital, MVH South, MVH North, Kettering Medical Center / Sycamore hospital and Atrium Medical Center


Patient Testimonial

Rated 5 out of 5

The staff was very friendly and professional. I had a lot of questions for the doctor and did not feel rushed at all. As a new patient, you never know how that first visit in the office will go. I felt cared for. Thank you! You really are at the Heart of Better Care.

Rated 5 out of 5

First of all, Dr. Khan was right on schedule! He took the time to explain what was needed to manage my heart condition. My wife and I were very anxious. He answered all of our questions and eased the concerns we had. The staff was able to quickly schedule tests right here in the office.

James D